Top 10 Cayenne Supplements

With some spices, garlic for instance, you can you can never have too much of a good thing. But with cayenne, too much may end up backfiring.
When cooking, a little cayenne gives a little kick and a smidge more gives extra zing to your wings. But too much and your guests will be gagging.
Experts have also found that cayenne has some usefulness as an herbal remedy, and has been credited with boosting metabolism, increasing circulation and aiding weight loss.
People should consider checking with a health provider about cayenne supplements side effects before trying cayenne fruit supplements, ginger supplements or cayenne vitamins. But there are a variety of herbal products available, and here are 10 based on Amazon reviews.

1. Universal Nutrition Super Cuts 3

This lipotropic/diuretic supplement promotes fat loss and enhances mass. It features cayenne, green tea extract, grapefruit powder, and L-carnitine, an amino acid that helps the body produce energy, and boosts muscle movement. People are recommended to use SuperCuts with exercise/nutrition programs to see even more weight loss and muscle potency.

2. Shredz Fat Burner Made for Women
You know it’s especially for women because it’s pink, but everyone can benefit from lean muscle mass, increased mental focus, decreased body fat and enhanced mood. It’s designed to make your exercise regimen even more meaningful by breaking down fats and carbs. Cayenne supplement benefits are involved, along with green tea and caffeine.

3. Absonutrix Men Booster X-treme

You’ll find no pink packaging here, just solid tones like whites, yellows and blacks, which says, “I’m full of power already but I’m only going to get better.” It is intended to increase power and energy, and help tired and achy muscles recover. About 15 herbs go into this product, including cayenne; sarsaparilla, a remedy for blood and skin; plus pumpkin seeds, which provide iron and zinc.

4. Semper Slim

The U.S. Marine Corps motto is Semper Fi, meaning Always Faithful. No guarantees anywhere that Semper Slim users will become Marine-tough, but they can try to lose a few pounds. It’s designed to be free of stimulants like caffeine or ephedra, but including ingredients like cayenne pepper, green tea, oolong team, and alpha lipoic acid, which combine to boost energy and start burning away fat.

5. Metab-All

This ephedra-free product blends the powers of cayenne, homeopathic cell salts, gingko biloba, and other herbs to aid in weight loss. In addition to the boost in metabolism, it also is intended to be a handy appetite suppressant.

6. NuBod Elite Male Enhancement

Testosterone production is the goal of this product, and when this takes place, other good things may be on their way, like increased sexual performance, stamina and an energy boost. This product is designed to reverse natural drops in testosterone with natural ingredients like cayenne and Catuaba bark, which relaxes blood vessels and increases blood flow. Buy cayenne!

7. VEDAfit

Along with a metabolic boost via natural herbs like green tea extract, cayenne pepper, caffeine and Vitamin B-12, it also includes an appetite suppressant. Plus, since the challenge of weight loss efforts can be high, this product also helps reduce stress with the herb golden root/Rhodioloa Rosea, which is said to have antidepressant powers. So, provided you’re active in other ways, this product is designed to help your weight loss/fitness efforts by making you feel good about it.

8. Herbal One Brand/Wazashop Garcinia

The Garcinia, an Indonesian fruit that looks like a small, green or light yellow pumpkin, is the active ingredient in this weight-loss product. The fruit is believed to possess natural weight loss properties, and this herbal product from Thailand that also contains cayenne is intended to help you burn the fat you currently have and keep from putting on more.

9. Inferno-X

Unless disco is involved, we rarely think of infernos as good – just too much fire going on. But with this product, you may see infernos of metabolism boosts and appetite suppression with herbs like Garcinia, cayenne and brown seaweed, which promote weight loss; cinnamon, which helps balance blood sugar; apple cider vinegar, which promotes energy; and choline, which promotes focus.

10. AcaiCleanse 48-hour Acai Berry Detox

This natural product is designed to help detox your body over a two-day period, which can eliminate unwanted toxins and boost your health. With acai berries adding flavor to the traditional formula of cayenne, lemon and maple/honey, you’ll be assured optimal conditions for a good cleansing.