Top Ten Black Cohosh Supplements

Black cohosh has been recognized for centuries as an excellent natural remedy for menopause symptoms. It naturally supports a woman’s hormones as they transition into the menopausal period and alleviates the most common symptoms, such as night sweats, hot flashes, mood swings, and trouble sleeping. It can provide energy, too, which makes it good to use for women going through menopause who also want to continue to participate in sports. When used with other herbs, such as dong quai and evening primrose oil, black cohosh can have an even more dramatic imact and make the journey through menopause smooth sailing. It has labor-inducing properties for pregnant women, too.

These are the top 10 black cohosh supplements available on You can find them in the women’s health and sports nutrition categories, or just by doing a search for “black cohosh” on Amazon’s main page.

1. Nature’s Way Black Cohosh Root

With 180 capsules of black cohosh root powder, you’ll have plenty of herbs to get you through the worst of those menopause symptoms. Nature’s Way is a trusted leader in the herbal supplement industry, so you can’t go wrong with these.

2. Spring Valley – Black Cohosh Menopause Complex, 60 Tablets, Daytime and Nighttime Advanced Formula

Two formulas in one give you all of the black cohosh benefits you could need during menopause. The daytime herbal formula relieves fatigue, hot flashes, and mood swings, while the nighttime version helps you sleep and relieves hot flashes and night sweats. The daytime tablets include ginseng and green tea, and the nighttime tablets have the relaxing benefits of theanine and valerian mixed in with the black cohosh.

3. Sundown Naturals Black Cohosh 540 Mg Whole Herb Capsules

This Sundown Naturals product provides all of the black cohosh benefits you would expect. It’s the pure powdered herb, in 100 percent gelatin capsules, in the perfect black cohosh dosage per capsule to give you relieve from menopause symptoms and support for PMS and other female issues.

4. Nature’s Bounty Natural Whole Herb Black Cohosh 540mg

These capsules contain pure black cohosh. It is effective against the symptoms of menopause and PMS. Some women use black cohosh to induce labor, as well, and it seems to produce an intense, but quick, labor and delivery. See a professional herbalist for the correct dosage for this purpose. The good thing with this brand is that you are getting pure, unadulterated black cohosh.

5. Nature’s Answer Black Cohosh

Black cohosh extract that is alcohol-free is what’s being offered here. It’s just as powerful as black cohosh powder, and you can control your dose much more closely. This makes it easier to avoid some of the more common black cohosh side effects you can get when you take too much, such as diarrhea and stomach cramps. The fact that it’s alcohol-free makes it safe for anyone to use.

6. Remifemin

This OB/GYN recommended black cohosh supplement is estrogen-free, so even women who have had breast cancer can use it to ease their menopause symptoms. It has one ingredient in it, and that’s black cohosh, formulated under medical standards and tested for proven effectiveness in relieving mood swings, night sweats, hot flashes, and trouble sleeping that may accompany menopause.

7. Gaia Herbs Black Cohosh

This black cohosh extract is delivered in vegetarian capsules. It can be used for relieving the symptoms of menopause or for inducing labor (when used under an herbalist’s guidance). Black cohosh pregnancy use is not recommended, since it can produce labor, so don’t take it until you’re ready to deliver. This extract is made of pure black cohosh, and has been tested to prove its high potency.

8. Herb Pharm Black Cohosh Extract

A very strong liquid black cohosh extract, this brand does contain alcohol. This helps with promoting peaceful sleep, but may not be appropriate for everyone to take. The extract is very strong, though, and does a good job at keeping those pesky menopause symptoms away.

9. Rainbow Light Black Cohosh Meno-Relief

Naturally extracted and free of solvents, this black cohosh tablet is especially good at relieving hot flashes and trouble sleeping. If you take it just before bed, user reviews indicate you will sleep like a baby. This is a very pure and potent black cohosh supplement.

10. Black Cohosh Natural Hormonal Balance Support Black Cohosh Extract

Pure black cohosh powder in capsules, this formula is proven to provide maximum menopause relief. It also balances hormones and strengthens a woman’s body overall during this transitional phase of life.