Top Ten Red Yeast Rice Supplements

Red yeast rice, a substance that has a long history in traditional Chinese medicine and foods, continues to gain in popularity in Western countries for its health benefits. In order to obtain it, rice is first fermented with Monascus purpurteus, a yeast. While many people view red yeast rice as a supplement that has amazing benefits when it comes to lowering cholesterol, it also has some medicinal uses. An important active ingredient, monacolin K, is the same ingredient that is in a prescription-only drug that is commonly used by doctors to lower cholesterol. What follows are the top ten red yeast rice dietary supplements.

1. NutriGold Organic Red Yeast Rice with CoQ10 and Citrus Bergamot Supplement

This product offers a way for vegetarians to enjoy the red yeast rice supplement benefits they desire and still stay within the confines of their diets. With each two capsule serving, you can enjoy 600mg of red yeast rice, 250mg of citrus bergamot and 50mg of CoQ10, making it one of the best red yeast rice supplement brands due to its well-rounded ingredients.

2. Nature’s Bounty Red Yeast Rice Supplement

Though Western countries often use a red yeast rice for cholesterol control, it has also been used traditionally throughout China as a staple food. The serving size for this product is two capsules which provides 1,200mg of red yeast rice.

3. Kyolic Red Yeast Rice Plus CoQ10 Supplement

By using only the highest quality ingredients that are organically grown and free of GMOs, Kyolic ensures that you receive only the best red yeast rice supplements benefits. Since this brand is combined with CoQ10, another heart-healthy supplement, it gets high marks on red yeast rice supplement reviews.

4. RedQ10: Red Yeast Rice With CoQ10 and Resveratrol

Due to its immediate availability of different sizes to suit your needs, RedQ10 receives high marks on the best red yeast rice supplement reviews. With a focus on providing you with the best in purity and clarity, this product has been carefully processed to remove any trace of those impurities.

5. Sundown Naturals Red Yeast Rice Supplement

This Sundown Naturals product contains two packages of 240 capsules each, giving you plenty of cholesterol-fighting goodness so you don’t run out unexpectedly. This supplement contains no fish, lactose, soy, wheat, milk, sugar or anything artificial. Though the serving size is two capsules two or three times a day, you should be aware of the side effects of red yeast rice supplements and consult your physician before determining the right dosage for yourself and taking the supplement.

6. Mason Vitamins Red Yeast Rice Supplement

Mason Vitamins recommends that you take this supplement along with your meals. This three pack of bottles contains 60 capsules each for a total of 180. Each capsule contains 1,200mg of red yeast rice.

7. Shiff Red Yeast Rice Supplement

Containing only natural ingredients, Shiff red yeast rice supplement is a pleasant red color that is obtained without the use of additional ingredients. Each bottle contains 60 easy-to-swallow capsules.

8. Big Bulk Supplements: Red Yeast Rice with CoQ10

In addition to containing red yeast rice, Big Bulk Supplements also includes CoQ10, an ingredient that is often recommended for heart health. If you experience any side effects such as gastrointestinal discomfort, stop taking it and visit your doctor.

9. Lifetime Red Yeast Rice Supplement with Policosanol

Each of the 60 capsules that are contained within a bottle of Lifetime Red Yeast Rice supplement is formulated with 1,200mg of red yeast rice along with 25mg of policosanol, making it a powerful supplement for anyone who is desiring to increase the health of their heart. Two of these vegetarian capsules are to be taken each day with meals or a glass of water. This supplement should be used in conjunction with a healthy diet and an ample amount of exercise.

10. Now Foods Red Yeast Rice Supplement

Used in China since about 800 AD, red yeast rice is often added to foods prepared in that culture. For example, Peking duck is a dish that delivers the vibrant colors and healthy benefits that red yeast rice is known for. With Now Foods specialized processing methods, all traces of citrinin are removed. Citrinin is sometimes a byproduct of the fermenting process and can be toxic to humans if ingested.